Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

My Pyrex addiction is in full force. I have hit a new low, or high depending on how you look at it. I traded some brand new in box Pampered Chef products, Tupperware, and Thirty-One items for some dusty, sticky, dirty vintage Pyrex. But the best part is that both of us walked away feeling like we came out ahead of the other.

Call me crazy but this is the way I see it. Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and 31 are turning out these products like crazy. Pyrex is out of the business of making pretty pieces. No more delphite, no more Spring Blossoms, no more Pink or Turquiose. Don't feel bad for me or for Jim. It's a harmless, relatively cheap hobby that brings me joy.

So hand over your Pyrex, your mother's Pyrex, and even your grandmother's Pyrex. I will happily soak, scrub, and love it.

It might be time to purge again!
Half of my collection...so far.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pyrex Luck

My family spent a lot of time thrifting this weekend.

After a much anticipated trip to a huge flea market 50 miles away, I left with almost NOTHING! I was so disappointed. Jim tried to make the best of it and encouraged me to stop at every random resale store we saw on the drive home.

The weekend's haul looked like this:

Ready to be washed!

Some of the highlights were these:
JAJ Chelsea Dinnerware

We got this set of 36 pieces for $30!

I had a Pampered Chef team meeting to attend on Sunday so Jim and Anthony shopped alone to my surprise. Jim came home with quite a bit, plus this HUGE find. For $25!!!

Yellow Butterprint Set

After lots of washing and stacking, photo taking and rearranging, I REALLY need a new cabinet. Off to search craigslist for something that will work.

Hope you had a great weekend and got some great finds.

Vintage Vault

Trade Mania

Busy two weeks for trading!

Traded with Leslie and was so excited to get new pieces.

[Then traded with PinkyPlatinum13]
She sent me
Lime Green Cake Pan, Small Rect. Baker and Square Baker
And I sent her:

401 & 403 of this set:
Butterprint Set

[Then I traded with taylor-madenews]
She sent me this:
Black Scroll Divided Dish
And I sent this:
402 of this set:
Butterprint Set

{Next, a trade with Mama Mojo]
She sent this:
Delphite and Opal Divided Dish
And I sent:

475-B Butterfly Gold 2

[Trade with vintage_sister]
She sent this:

Yellow Bowls and Friendship Divided Dish
And I sent:
045 Hex Signs

401 Orange New Dots

[Trade with stephc1718]

This trade didn't go perfect but through no fault of Steph's. She wrapped everything with care but sometimes accidents happen.
She sent this, the red divided dish:
Yellow Bowls and Friendship Divided Dish
And I sent this:

Always up for more trading. I had so much fun! Check out my items for trade here!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am so behind on blogging. Not that I haven't been busy or had plenty to say. It's just that lately I have had more things to brag about and less to complain about. That's always a good thing right? So if you want to make fun of my latest hobby/obsession, it's not crack so lay off. To all my fellow pyrex lovers and sympathizers, read on.
Love these three sets!

So I recently discovered Pyrex Trading. Trust me, I resisted the idea of parting with any of my precious pieces. I dug through old dusty boxes, talked to randoms strangers, and scrubbed Pyrex until my fingers were raw. I have stalked pieces at thrift stores, walked flea markets from end to end, showed up two hours early for estate sales and waited out never ending auctions to obtain Pyrex. Why would I give them up? It's simple. To get OTHER pieces without all that work.

My first trade was with Sarah. Sarah covered this awesome trade of Butterprint for Horizon. I completely understand Sarah's advice that Horizon is hard to find. But I accept this challenge!

I found Pyrex on Pinterest and got some motivation to get some pretty pyrex that has eluded me in Houston. Then I got organized. I started purging my current stock. Man, it was painful. I am still not done taking inventory but I will get there ONE DAY. I called out for fellow Houstonian collectors and posted my first calls for trades. I 'met' two Houstonian collectors and will soon be able to swap in person and help each other add to our collections. I created a Facebook for my own little world. Vintage Vault. Then came the photo album on Flickr. See how much work it takes to get organized? But hopefully it will pay off.

While some, ok maybe, most of my friends think I am insane. A few enable support my newest hobby. I love their support and generosity. I now own a primary fridgie set plus more. That day was better than Christmas. Unless of course, Christmas will mean every rare piece of Pyrex under my tree. I have awesome friends like Mandie who might think I am crazy, but still scoops up Pyrex for me wherever she goes. Yes, my family is really supportive of the Pyrex hunts. It's a family game. I love our weekends together. My son takes the low shelves, I take the eye level, and Jim takes the high shelves. How can we lose?
Labor Day 2011
One third of our Labor Day Weekend finds!
So I have a few trades lined up and one successful one with Leslie already completed. Can't wait to post about more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Drought?

We may be in a drought here in Houston, but it's been raining Pyrex on me lately. Well I am not exactly tripping over it, but after some digging, searching and yes, some stalking, I have accumulated quite the hauls over the weekends. I live for the weekends lately because it's a new chance to find some 'new-to-me' Pyrex.

After my Gramma gifted me this set, Spring Blossoms pieces seem to be finding me lately. It's not intentional but I won't turn it down either.

Here are some of of my recent pieces. I have to literally space them out to not send you into a photo coma. I still can't figure out how to rotate my pictures on this. I rotate them in picture editor but blogger undoes the changes.

Love the Pink Daisy!

My first Gooseberry piece!

Found these the next day.
I have since found the lid to the piece on the left.

Not crazy about this pattern.

Love this!

My first New Dots! This is one of my top 5 patterns.

My first carafe.
Who doesn't love Snowflake in the summer?

I had to look twice because I didn't recognize the pattern.

First Butterprint pieces.

Love the blue!
First Horizon Blue pieces.

This tiny dish is too cute!

More Butterprint!
Whew.....I'm exhausted just looking at all of them again. I am so happy to be expanding my collection. There is always tomorrow!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pyrex MotherLoad

My mother's day gift was a day of pyrex shopping. Jim seriously loves me. Anthony is in on the hunt now as well. Jim has taught him to spot it. So Anthony takes the low shelves, I take eye level and Jim takes all those tall shelves I never even notice. We are an unstoppable team!
My first Daisy pattern. My kitchen is much happier with this piece.

My first Friendship piece. I love this pattern.

My First Fridgie!

Another set I have no idea what to use it for?

This is a very small bowl. I have no idea what I will use it for but it's very cute.

I need to gain some self control. I can't help buying anything that has Pyrex on it. I got these home...now what? Back to Goodwill I guess.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Love of Pyrex

As if I need more distractions in my life, my obsession with Pyrex is a recent one. But I hadn't fully given it my full attention. I was waiting for an auction to have a random piece for bidding or to see one at my local thrift store. Then I stumbled onto Pyrex Collective. It's a blog, really two, Erin added Pyrex Collective II when the first one was full of contributors. After a few weeks of stalking the blogs, I went hunting for my own pieces to start my collection. If anyone knows me, they know I don't half-ass anything. Jim is used to me getting consumed by whatever my latest obsession is. I found a few pieces and squealed with delight when I 'rescued' pieces from Goodwill.

So I made my (not-so) grand introduction to the blog. And then I did some more hunting. And some more showing. I have picked up so many pieces, I haven't had time to organize them all. My mother in law and my friend Heather have helped me grow my collection. I asked all my thrifty buddies to be on the look out for pieces for me. This past weekend, Jim and Anthony were really good sports and hunted with me. I was thrilled with my finds.

I started to wonder if my collection was going to get out of hand. Or had it already? How do I avoid Jim's heavy sighs when I ask him to bring in another box of Pyrex from the car? What? You mean you don't buy Pyrex by the box?

I saw the article in Country Living on collecting Pyrex. David Baker is a Pyrex dealer and showcased some of his pieces in the magazine. Yes, I already emailed him. I will let you know how it goes.

Why Pyrex? Yes it's pretty and fun. Yes, the pieces are durable and sturdy. But mostly--it reminds me of my parents, my childhood. Everything we cooked, we made in a Pyrex bowl. My parents had the Butterfly Gold pattern. From tuna casserole to pancake batter, it was made in a Cinderella bowl. And sometimes burned.

The way I figure, it's a much less expensive hobby that collecting Coach. And definitely more pretty to display.

To be continued....